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AJ Luxe Aparment

AJ Luxe Aparment

On the 10th floor of an apartment building, the AJ Luxe Apartment interior offers a bird’s eye view of the Kowdiar Palace, the surrounding area, and the distant Western Ghats. A family of four now has access to one big apartment that was previously two separate flats. In order to meet the client’s additional requirements, the rigidity of the existing envelope and columns posed a challenge, which we believe was successfully overcome through thorough re planning of the existing layout. The plan was revised and re organised without changing the underlying structural components.


This mysteriously inspired dramatic interior was created by S Squared Architects using a material palate of dark, intense colours and mixed metallic elements.
Natural stone veneers, metallic laminates, brass flats, and natural wood veneers combine to form a sophisticated material palette that produces a stunning array of rich textures that are diverse in detail but unified through design to produce interiors that are soaked in warmth, delight, elegance, and luxury.

The indoor garden, which is the constantly changing dynamic element in this apartment interior, is located at the far end of the living room, just around the corner from the entry foyer.

The drawing room and dining room of this apartment were made more open to one another, and a peaceful open deck was added to connect the two areas. A vertical garden serves as the focal point of the deck’s interesting design, which also includes a water feature with a gently cascading fountain and framed views of the outside world. All of these components work together to create an environment that is conducive to meditation, relaxation, rest, and interaction by bringing a little bit of the outside in.


All of the walls in this apartment interior are covered in 3mm stone veneers, which have a fine texture that gives each room depth and personality. The glossy texture of the sliding wardrobes made of jb glass and finished in all-white with a random pattern contrasts with the rough stone veneer clad walls.

The AJ apartment interior explores a  dark and dramatic theme, breaking the mould of “white and bright” and venturing into the dangerous territory of using strong, darker colour schemes in small spaces.

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