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S Squared Architects -  Transforming Dreams into Reality

S Squared Architects is an internationally reckoned architecture and interior design company with offices at Ernakulam, Trivandrum, Delhi, and Dubai. We are a process-driven team of top architects and interior designers who proficiently offer wide-ranging architectural services in various parts of India and UAE. Our project management team invests due time in understanding your requirements subsequent to which, we estimate a workflow plan accordingly. Post your approval, we commence our master planning. We offer a wide range of services that include structural design, building design, interior design, and landscape design. The striking 3D elevation designs by our experienced architects and exquisite gardens designed by our skilled landscape architects are the key highlights of our services. Right from civil work, plumbing, electrical to MEP services, we take care of everything to ensure your project perfectly aligns with your architectural style. We are famous architects in Cochin,Trivandrum who have successfully delivered projects in many parts of Kerala including,Kollam,Kottayam, Calicut, Kozhikode, and Delhi NCR, Noida, and Gurgaon. 

Exquisite Architectural and Design Services

At S Squared Architects, we work with a progressive approach that allows us to maximize the efficiency of even the most complicated sites. We do climate responsive buildings in traditional architecture, classical buildings, and minimalistic designs that exude an elegant allure as well as provide energy efficiency. Our contemporary designs are also incorporated with environment-friendly materials, rendering the ideal balance of style and sustainability. Our award-winning green buildings have been very popular amongst both conglomerates and dwellers alike.

Conception to Execution - A process-driven design practice

We follow an extensive six-step process wherein our proficient team work on a project from the scratch and deliver you a place that is impeccable and caters to your style and preferences.
Visual Analysis - We analyze your site to thoroughly understand the scope of work and create a detailed visual analysis report.
Concept Design - By adhering to a standard concept, our team begins to design layout plans, three-dimensional design, and rough civil estimate.
Approval – We process the application  and drawings required for approval from government agencies.
Tendering - We then proceed to prepare BOQ, specifications, tender drawing followed by  negotiation, and contract finalization.
Working Drawings - Our experts prepare detailed drawings of the space, that imbibe all the vital aspects of design and development.
Execution - Based on the final working drawing plan, we begin to build and design a space that complements your vision.

Methodical and Comprehensive Approach of our design services
Our aim is to provide you with a space that matches your dreams. To accomplish this objective we follow a systematic approach that involves -
1. Feasibility Study - Once we have identified the full potential of the site, we create a comprehensive report that entails all the perceivable concepts. Our team has executed a feasibility study for commercial projects, multi-tower apartment complexes, hotel projects, mixed-use developments, convention centres, etc.
2. Architecture Design - Our designing team offers personalized and innovative architecture designing services to various projects including residence, houses, hotels, shops, showrooms, spas, etc.
3. Interior Design -  Our experienced and creative team of interior designers work towards seamlessly incorporating your style and vision in the space. We have rendered interior designing services to an array of projects including apartment interiors, corporate office, resorts, banquet hall, villa, bungalow, wedding hall, etc.
4. Landscape Designing - Whether you have a huge outdoor area or a small one, we can deliver exquisite landscape designing to accentuate the allure of your space. We extend our landscape services to terrace landscape, garden, lawn, front yard, farmhouse landscape, lawn, resorts, etc.
5. Master Planning - We formulate tailored master plans that align with the distinctive requirements of the projects. We have executed master planning for townships, tourist master schemes, and project report preparation, villa projects, campus projects.

S Squared Architects - About Us      

ShajiVempanadanVarughese and SumiShaji, co-founders of S Squared Architects, set the ball rolling in the year 2009. The duo aims to provide contemporary designing services combined with energy efficient architecture to render stylish and environment-friendly projects. Over the years, they have built a staunch team that has efficiently executed many national and international projects.


At S Squared Architects Pvt Ltd, our gaze extends beyond conventional structures. We envision spaces that breathe life into dreams, meticulously crafting designs that harmonize with the human spirit. With boundless imagination and an unwavering pursuit of excellence, we dream of architectural marvels that captivate, comfort, and stand as timeless testaments.
Our vision: Forging the future by fusing diverse styles and embracing the interplay of history, modernity, and innovation.

Crafting visions building legacies


We're not just architects; we're artisans of experience. Rooted in collaboration, innovation, and a profound grasp of our clients' aspirations, we embark on a journey to sculpt spaces that mirror their uniqueness. Our mission: Nurturing design evolution, from opulent opus to pragmatic paradigms. With an unwavering commitment to precision and professionalism, we foster an ecosystem that nurtures creativity and propels advancement. Our every project reshapes living and working domains, instilling them with character and intent.

Where dreams take shape one space at a time


Introducing S Squared Design Studios: Tailored architecture to every vision

At S Squared Architects Pvt Ltd, we're thrilled to unveil our services, now presented as S Squared Design Studios – a reflection of our commitment to meeting diverse architectural aspirations. Our three distinct studios, S Squared Classics, S Squared Premium, and S Squared Plus, have been thoughtfully crafted to cater to your individual design preferences and project requirements.

S Squared Classics

For the enthusiasts of timeless elegance and classical aesthetics, S Squared Classics celebrates the grace and heritage of architectural traditions. Immerse yourself in the beauty of intricately detailed facades, majestic proportions, and the charm of bygone eras. Our team of seasoned architects brings the essence of history to life, ensuring your space narrates stories of the past while embracing the present.

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S Squared Premium

Embrace the future with S Squared Premium, where contemporary and futuristic designs come to life. Our architects merge cutting-edge technology, innovative materials, and avant-garde concepts to create spaces that are as functional as they are visually stunning. Whether it's a sleek urban dwelling or an iconic commercial structure, S Squared Premium is poised to transform your vision into an architectural iconic masterpiece.

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S Squared Plus

We understand that practicality and affordability are paramount. With S Squared Plus, we bring you value-focused designs that do not compromise on quality. Our team of experts leverages ingenious design solutions to maximize efficiency without sacrificing aesthetics. From residential to commercial projects, S Squared Plus is dedicated to delivering exceptional results that fit within your budget.

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At S Squared Design Studios, our unwavering commitment to architectural excellence remains consistent across all three studios. We invite you to explore our versatile portfolio, where each project is a testament to our passion for creativity, precision, and client-centric design. Your aspirations drive us, and your dreams become the foundation of our innovation.

Discover the studio that resonates with your architectural vision. Welcome to a world where design possibilities know no bounds. Welcome to S Squared Design Studios.

Contact us to embark on your architectural journey with S Squared Classics, S Squared Premium, or S Squared Plus. Let's turn your dreams into remarkable realities.

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